Resources that Complement the Hakomi Community.

Hakomi Educational Resources

Hakomi Education Network (HEN)

The Hakomi Education Network (HEN) is a global organization that supports the development of Hakomi in concert with our training teams across the world. The goal of HEN is to embody and share an open-hearted way of relating and supporting our human potential. HEN supports and connects the diverse community of Hakomi trainers, teachers, practitioners, and students, by providing and developing common educational resources and standards, and by fostering communication across the world. Click here to join the Hakomi Education Network.

Ron Kurtz Trainings Inc.

Ron Kurtz is the original developer of the Hakomi Method. He began leading workshops and trainings in the mid-1970’s. He led the first training in the Hakomi Method in 1977.

Hakomi Educational Resources (Greg Johanson)

HER provides, sponsors, co-sponsors, supports and/or staffs an array of resources that support personal and professional growth in manifold contexts from the individual to the corporate.

Hakomi Institute

The Hakomi Institute is a non-profit, professional organization located in Boulder, Colorado with worldwide affiliates. In continuing to develop the Hakomi Method, their faculty of professional therapists, counselors, social workers, and educators use their in-depth ongoing experience in clinical practice to evaluated and enhanced the Hakomi teachings.

Donna Martin

Donna Martin, from Kamloops, BC, Canada, is a certified Hakomi therapist and international trainer who worked closely with Ron Kurtz (the creator of the Hakomi Method) for twenty years.

Taiwan Hakomi Center

Rob Bageant studied the Hakomi method with Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin. In 2008, Rob moved to Taipei with his personal mission to establish a Hakomi training center in Taiwan. Rob teaches Hakomi methods in Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as assisting individuals in self-exploration.

Professional Associations

The Center for Self Leadership

The Center for Self Leadership (CSL) is dedicated to the healing transformation of lives and cultures and serves as a critical link between therapeutic professionals and the wider community. CSL provides a variety of learning opportunities for mental health and human services practitioners, medical and bodywork professionals, students of the healing arts and sciences, and anyone who seeks a profound personal growth experience.


The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy believes that integration of the body and mind is essential to effective psychotherapeutic health. To that end, its mission is to develop and advance the art, science, and practice of body psychotherapy and somatic psychology in a professional, ethical, and caring manner in order to support our members as they promote the health and welfare of their clients.

Friends of Seattle Hakomi Education Network

Bastyr University

Nestled among fields and woodlands on the northeast shore of Lake Washington, Seattle Hakomi Education Network is honored to enjoy a relationship with Bastyr. Many of our workshops are taught in this serene Kenmore location.

Mosswood Hollow

Mosswood Hollow is a sanctuary and oasis of peace and natural beauty. Open fields, deep forests, ponds and streams, flower and vegetable gardens grace the grounds. This is the site for our Duvall workshops.

Floating Leaves

More than just tea, but a way of life, the owners enjoy sharing their love and appreciation for tea with our local community.