Level 3 – Deepening Skills

Level 3 – Deepening Skills is designed to provide graduates of Level 2 Hakomi training with the opportunity to work toward certification as Hakomi therapists. In addition, people already certified as Hakomi therapists use Level 3 – Deepening Skills as a way to further hone their Hakomi skills. Individuals who have taken a Hakomi workshop or are curious about Hakomi but have never attended a workshop or training are often welcome to participate in these sessions as observers or clients. Please contact Dave Cole before you register as a client/observer in order to assure that this experience is a good fit, and so you can be certain that the workshop will meet your expectations.

“Nothing else matters so much, to reassure one another, to answer each other. Everyone has inside himself – what shall I call it?
A piece of good news.”

~Ugo Betti